Volunteer Information

Please note: Safety is the top priority on the Boat, but accidents can happen. We do have liability insurance, but we do not have medical coverage. Therefore, all volunteers must have their own medical insurance. Please do not volunteer if you do not have medical coverage.

Our typical day starts about 9:30 (after the morning traffic) and ends around 4:30 or 5:00. The intent is that it be an enjoyable, as well as productive, day. Safety is the most important element. We do not go in bad, or uncomfortable, weather, and head for home if there are any threatening signs. The boat works best with a crew of 2 volunteers and an operator.

If you have family members or friends that you like to spend quality time with, this is an ideal activity. I have gone with my wife, children, brother, and grandchildren. I have also met some new friends. They all had a wonderful time doing something different and they keep coming back. Every day on the river is a new and different treat.

In addition to financial and volunteer support, the Museum of Science has made available free passes to their exhibits for all volunteers. Ask the captain for one when you go on the boat.

We normally pick up the volunteers at the DCR Nonantum Road boat ramp in Newton (see map below). Turn into the new Community Rowing Boat House parking lot. The entrance to the boat ramp is through the Community Rowing Boat house parking lot. There is ample parking in the lot the boat ramp shares with Community Rowing.

We also pick people up along the river if it is more convenient for them. Normally, we stop at the Galleria food court for lunch. If you like, you can bring your lunch. On hot afternoons, I have been known to go back for an ice cream in mid afternoon.

Dress for being outdoors. It is suggested that you bring a hat, sunglasses and rain gear. It takes about 50 minutes to get back from the basin. Therefore, if we get hit by unexpected rain, rain gear eases the discomfort.

Visit our Volunteer Schedule Calendar and pick a couple of days that are convenient for you, and where the operator does not have a crew signed up.